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Mathew Schuetz asked 2 years ago

Hello Mrs. Nemetz! 
I just want to start by saying you’ve inspired me to start collecting coach. I’ve been inquiring pieces from 1994-2003 with serial numbers in a X#X- ####. I just feel an emotional connection to the bags, unlike most contemporary designers they embrace the characteristics, “imperfections,” of leather and I think that’s the whole point of leather. So far I’ve acquired 2 Willis bags(9927), 3 Patricia bags(9951), 1 city bag(9790), 1 Lula bag(9952) and 1 Helen Duffle(9085). Do you offer respiration of bags? Some of my personal pieces I carry; I’d love to have one restored by you! Eventually I want to start resorting and customizing my collected pieces to create one-of-a-kind creations. Maybe we can partner in the future for my creations! Please let me know and keep up with your beautiful practice! 
– Mathew W. Schuetz