How To / Throwback Thursday : Vintage Coach Bag Restoration I’m going back to the fundamentals of bag restoration for those of you just getting started. I typically have very complicated restorations on very rare and valuable bags. Going back to the basics for TBT, I made a short tutorial of a basic restoration on a 1990’s Coach Station Bag. This is a good bag for beginners for several reasons. It’s 1990’s glove tanned leather meaning it’s durable and can withstand soaking and conditioning. It’s not as old as a NYC era bag and less likely to crack when soaked. These bags are also aniline dyed, so the coloration is all the way through the leather layers. Why is that important? Most of these bags just need a little cleaning and moisturizing to bring back their original color and luster! Enjoy the tutorial and good luck with your first Vintage Coach Bag restoration!

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