Throwback Thursday on Tuesday: Vintage Coach Reverse Suede Courier

Another Throwback Thursday on Tuesday.. because… well I’m bucking the system and as usual, I’ll forget to post this on Thursday.

Anyone that knows me personally, knows that I LOVE the reverse suede bags. I first started collecting the Berkeley Bags in the mid 90’s when they were released. Then…lo and behold… I found earlier 70’s bags in reverse suede WOOHOO!!! Most of them I’ve sent to Jed / Coach Archives, because, well that’s how I roll. I have had early reverse suede basic bags, eyelet dinky/penny bags, and NOW…. drum roll… the most beautiful Courier Pouch I’ve ever seen…. early reverse suede Mocha Brown! Egads (always wanted to say that)… this thing is flawless and I’m in love with it. Because I can’t seem to stop myself, I’ll likely send it to NYC but I’ll enjoy it while I have it and share the love with you!

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