Restoration: Vintage Coach Carrier Mahogany

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I finally finished this! I kept putting it off because…well…it was hard! See the before and during/process pics below. This bag was named “The Beast” prior to this restoration. I’ve now renamed him “Prince Adam”. You’ll have to do the research on that name yourself 😉 He’s now on his way to my dear friend Mary in Cambridgeshire UK.

8/21/14 Prince Adam in his proper new home!

Holes made from the vinyl strips that had been added.


I was actually lucky in that the vinyl patches were added to this bag because the side panel perforated and tore at the seam. The binding was still intact and all I needed to do to save the panel was cut off the perforated portion until I had good leather. The hardest part of this was removing all the glue! The sewing was difficult and tedious, but the glue made me crazy! 

As he looked under the vinyl patches. LOTS of glue and a randomly placed seam
I first removed the binding so that I could remove the glue without further damage to the body leather.
Binder off. I then cut off the perforated and weak edge of the panel.
Panel cut to clean edge, all the layers (7 in some areas) were individually glue and clamped. I then sewed these layers together under the binding. 

After I got the glue removed, I glued and clamped the binding on. 

Binding sewn back on using the existing holes as a guide.
Glue on the opposite corner. 

Under the glue. This area wasn’t salvageable. I removed this area of binding.

I used a donor bag and sewed a new binding in the are that was damaged. 
First coat of oil on and brass being polished…nearly complete!


I got this a LONG time ago and really have no idea why 🙂 I’m going to start working on it. The leather is in great shape but the seams were cut open at some point then glued with fake leather strips. Yuk…we’ll see what happens!

Vintage Coach, Carrier, Musette, Restoration,
As she came…the seams were covered and stitched with pleather.

Vintage Coach, Carrier, Musette, Restoration,
Seams opened up and pleather being removed

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