Restoration aka Renovation: Vintage Coach NYC Courier Color…Hmmm This is another project bag that I received from a fellow Coachie. It was originally British Tan or Tabac (maybe) and the outside had been dyed with a cordovan red color that didn’t hold. I am FUNDAMENTALLY opposed to dying, but this bag was in desperate shape! Below and during pics are below…First the end result!

Before & After

buy lasix with mastercard Process:

  • Soaked in Rit Dye Remover for 2 hours while lightly scrubbing and keeping the water hot
Water after the dye removal process
  • Pulled all the leather filler off to expose the leather


  • Rinsed thoroughly, resoaked in baby shampoo overnight.
  • Cleaned the brass with brasso and re-rinsed
Ready to dry!
  • Stuffed/shaped and dried until just damp.
  • Redyed with Eco Flo in Desert Tan using wool daubers (1 coat)
  • Allowed to dry thoroughly
  • Used Tandy Leather Cement and tinted it with acrylic craft pain to match. Filled the worn areas and weakened spots.
  • 1 coat of Lexol
  • 1 coat of Black Rocks
  • Borrowed a strap from my Berkeley British Tan Duffel Sac…. voila!
  • Notes: Because the inside of the bag had not been dyed…it faded to a yellow in the dye remover. A local leather smith recommended using a darker dye on the inside, however I felt it had enough chemicals at this point and needed a break. The result is that the inside is a little lighter than the outside.
Complete…. Meet Reba!
Gorgeous Tabac/British Tan color….interior is slightly lighter but I love her 🙂
The tumbled leather of the Berkeley matches perfectly!
Ready for her first outing!
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  • I love this post, I just purchased a Basic Bag from the 70s!! I am super excited, and I want to dye my bag, what do you think? how did your dye job hold up? I have never done this before.. how did you learn your method? I am looking forward to your feedback. Thank you. M.

    • Hi Marialuisa,

      Dying is something I NEVER do unless the bag is going to the trash otherwise. They leathers and dyes that Coach uses are just so perfect the way they are! I only dyed this one because it had been poorly dyed from tan to red at some point. I wish I could help you, more! If you want to send me photos, I’ll be happy to give you a better opinion on your specific bag!


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